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The chikoo festival is one of India's top 10 rural festivals and one of rural Maharashtra's biggest festivals.

A two-day cultural carnival at our very own Bordi Beach, which has been successfully organized since the last 6 years, where one can enjoy shopping, tribal music, lip-smacking food and much more. Initiated by the MTDC and organised by the Rural Entrepreneurship Welfare Foundation (REWF) to promote tourism in the area and to bring this region up and creating opportunities for locals. Chikoo Festival has been a resounding success ever since its inception in 2013.

While last year, there were about 175 stalls, this year the festival is expected to have more than 250 stalls. The festival will also exhibit Maharashtra’s rich folklore and will be entertaining the guests throughout the day during the festival with native Koli dance, lavani, folk music, Dhol dance, Tarpa, Mardani Khel and other dances and songs of Maharashtra.

This year, the festival will see many different things and some of the highlights are like the following - Amhi shetkari (translated to 'we farmers') wherein farmers will showcase local produce.

Some other attractions include a dedicated food section called Annadaata; there would be workshop/activity area on Warli painting and paper bag making; old-school games such as those played with marbles and shells; caricature and calligraphy artist; pottery classes; and sand art on the beach. A scintillating performance by Saurabh Save winner of MTV Bollyland, who is also a local talent & will be playing Bollywood & Marathi music unplugged. Chikoo Festival is a non-profit project that has provided a platform for the region's emerging local entrepreneurs, musicians, and agro-based industry. The festival not only supports local farmers but also helps women entrepreneurs & other entrepreneurs from the area. Chikoo fruit is a major source of revenue in this region, and this festival celebrates the same while combining other elements.

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To boost rural economy by encouraging entrepreneurship through sustainable means including agriculture, food processing, tourism, art and culture. Empowering the rural scenario...


To create an eco-friendly society by promoting sustainable means of occupation To create a self-sustaining and a prosperous rural economy.

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